Central Heating Cleansing Power Flushing

Did you know keeping your heating system clean saves you money and increases the lifespan of your Central Heating Boiler?

At www.cosyheating.com we have 3 different ways of cleaning your heating system.

(1) A power flush is the most common option, however power flushing is not recommended for Combination Boilers it is also not recommended for System Boilers.

(2) Magnetic cleaning is now commonly used to clean Combination Boilers and System Boilers.

(3) Manually installing chemicals. This will involve draining the heating system and installing a cleaner for a few weeks and then draining the heating system and installing inhibitor.

Boiler Installation

When getting a quote for a new boiler there are a few things you need to make sure are included.

You need to know if a Central Heating Filter will be fitted, if your having a Combination Boiler installed

You will also need a decent Lime Scale Reducer.

Without these two components the lifespan of the boiler will be greatly reduced and it will also void any warranty.